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Success Stories

  • ""My ankle was so damaged from arthritis that an orthopedic surgeon suggested my only option was to have my ankle fused. It was so painful i struggled to walk. Now, since I was referred to the Chiropractic Center, I just came home from a two week stay in Europe. I walked well over two miles everyday with no pain from my ankle!""
    -Cecilia Zee
  • ""I wouldn't be standing if it weren't for The Chiropractic Center. My spines is aligned which allows me to be able to do everyday things with no problem. The staff is approachable and flexible. If I am ever in trouble, I know they will be able to see me.""
    - Luanne Lamothe
  • ""I always feel welcome and never rushed at the chiropractic center, and the doctors really care about my health and well-being. I feel a lot better, staying on maintenance is key!""
    - Rosanne
  • ""The Doctors at The Chiropractic Center are excellent to our whole family and attend to our unique needs. Tracy and Katrina are always helpful, pleasant and sweet. I would recommend this practice!""
    - Mike Stankiewicz
  • ""After many years and many visits to arthritis specialists, orthopedic doctors, spine specialists, and physical therapists, I decided to try chiropractic. I am so glad I did. My quality of life is so much better.""
    -Linda Salafia
  • "" I feel a lot better, a 360 degree turn around from when I first started care. Dr. Carnaroli was able to begin relieving my pain from the first visit! I look forward to maintenance because I know it will keep me healthy and keep from going back to where I started.""
    - Nancy Lathrop